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A Roundup reader laments that people (liberals) want to force their way of life on him. He writes, “They want to take away the Pledge, eliminate four of the Ten Commandments (ACLU) is behind that, and not fly the flag of this country.” This, among other gems, is nonsense.

I don’t know any liberals that want to eliminate the Pledge of Allegiance. There is some disagreement over whether “Under God” should be part of the Pledge, but removing that is not “eliminating the Pledge.” Liberals recite the Pledge too. Some do, however, omit the “Under God” part.

I don’t see how anyone could “eliminate” any of the Ten Commandments. They will always be there. They are not, however, part of the U.S. Constitution — and they never were. God and Jesus Christ are not even mentioned in the U.S. Constitution. Nope, not there.

The writer is free to observe whatever religious doctrine he likes, thanks to the First Amendment. Liberals enthusiastically support the First Amendment.

Liberals fly the flag as well. And even if one didn’t, I don’t see how that would be “Forcing their way of life on him.”

Kinda sounds like he “Don’t know a thing.”

Alan R. Hudson


ALLAN SIMS 4 years, 6 months ago

It's interesting that a liberal takes an extreme generalization of conservative concerns to use in support of their claim to common sense, and being in line with the thinking of the majority of folks. The pledge is under attack, but for the very reason the writer cites. Liberals want to take religion out of it. The phrase “Under God” was added as a reflection of the nation’s beliefs and morals of the time. Our morals are also under attack by those who see what lies between their own ears, as the absolutes of the world. Just because they are not of a Christian persuasion, or are of a belief system that negates the beliefs of others, they seem to think that they have the mob rule power to change it to the perverted way of ignoring (i.e. eliminating) the 10 commandments. This is one of the numerous steps liberals are taking to dilute the Judeo-Christian values this country was founded on, as outlined by this writer when he says, “There is some disagreement over whether “Under God” should be part of the Pledge, but removing that is not “eliminating the Pledge.” Liberals recite the Pledge too. Some do, however, omit the “Under God” part.” He is right that no one can take away the 10 Commandments. But, liberals are certainly rushing at a breakneck pace to nullify them in our lives. Rulings that they can’t be displayed on any public site, preventing children from praying in school functions and a myriad of anti-Christian steps to restrict first amendment rights proves rather conclusively, that liberals are do not “enthusiastically support the First Amendment”, as this writer claims. It also leads to conservatives, who “Cling to their guns and religion”, seeing liberals as wanting to take away the 10 commandments. Meaning, unlike the insanity the writer implied, that folks feel that the commandments are ostracized from pubic view. (i.e. taken away) Oh, they support their idea of what the first amendment means, but that is a long way from what the framers of the constitution intended. They love the first amendment when it furthers their cause, but trample it, when it supports freedoms, like that of religion, conservative ideas, individualism, capitalism and all the other things this nation stands for. They rush headlong to make it a copy of the failed systems and culture of Europe. Srchlight


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