Pine Customers Get Ok To Resume Water Use


June 22, 2012 – Pine Strawberry Water Improvement District officials are pleased to announce that service has been restored throughout the system, reserve supplies are returning to normal levels and laboratory analysis of water samples indicates that the water is safe for consumption, so customers in the Pine area may resume normal use.

Although service is back to normal, officials stress the need for all customers to continue conserving water by eliminating all non-essential use. Although indications are that the system is functioning normally, District officials do not want increased usage to cause any further problems. In addition, the region continues to experience high temperatures and extremely dry conditions, making it imperative that an adequate reserve water supply remains available.

PSWID officials apologize to all affected customers for the inconvenience created by this service outage and express appreciation for their patience and cooperation as the District worked to resolve the situation.


Deb Schwalm 4 years, 7 months ago

The initial notification (on the PSWID website and at Post Office) to customers on Tue., June 19th, included the verbiage that the subdivisions listed were M-O-R-E affected than the others in Pine. This indicates that ALL were affected yet, only those listed subdivisions in Pine were given notifications beyond the first day by posting on website and at Post Office. Updates were listed on the PSWID website. On Friday, there were only postings at "grouped areas" of the listed subdivisions. PSWID posted that they would have notifications at EACH subdivision listed. A recorded "all clear" was given only to the listed subdivisions. Better notification system needed!!!! Better PSWID board needed!!! Remember this next November.


Deb Schwalm 4 years, 6 months ago

Here is the quotation from PSWID MINUTES 2-23-2012 that talk about emergency notification...guess everyone was running around in saying "the sky is falling!" when the problems began even though this type of situation was just discussed Feb. 23, 2012 ------- taken word for word from - "PSWID–Minutes, Regular Brd Mtg – 02232012, OLD BUSINESS, a. Discuss and take possible action related to “water conservation signs” posted through-out the District. Ron Calderon opened discussion on this issue. Ron indicated he felt the conservation signs indicated we still have a water “problem.” His recommendation is to take down the signs because we don’t have a water problem today. Motion – to take down our water signs because they serve zero purpose today- Ron, Second – Gary Board discussion followed. Don Smith questioned if the Board had been mandated to update the signs. Gary explained the State required us to update the 5 year notification plan. The signs are a voluntary part of the plan and are not required. Richard asked to confirm the signs were not required, and wanted to know what means of communication would the District use if the signs were not used. Brad Cole responded that we could knock on doors, post in public places, e-mail, notices in the billing for a few methods. Brad had never used the signs before because they are not required. Tom Weeks suggested leaving the signs up but covered unless needed. Ron suggested e-mail would be a good method. Mike Greer asked about the recent change in color- coding the signs. Gary commented that on a visit to another community he saw similar signs and it reminded him that they still had water issues. The signs are a reminder of the past. Vote – 7 – 0 Motion approved unanimously to remove signs. "


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