Watch Out For Snakes While Fishing


Who turned up the thermostat? That sun is extremely strong. I hope that everyone is wearing sun block. Since Sunday was Father’s Day, my hubby wanted to go fishing, and wow, the heat and sun wore him out pretty fast. He did have a good time and he did land a few fish, enough for a good meal. One word of caution as you fish: be aware of your surroundings because of snakes. They are out now, and black rattlers have been spotted near the Tonto Creek. Do not wear flip-flops; wear a substantial pair of shoes or sneakers. The snakes normally strike at your ankles or at your feet.


The weather forecast has predicted a chance of rain this weekend, so keep your fingers and toes crossed and maybe do a rain dance. The forest is extremely dry and anyone can see the results of that with the Poco Fire. Everyone needs to be extra careful until the rainy season catches up with us and wets down the forest.

I received an e-mail from one of the residents of Bear Flat the other day. He included a Web site for anyone to follow the Arizona wildfires. The site is incident/2911.

Thank you for the useful information, Beau Ralphs.

Hellsgate Fire Department

All the Hellsgate Fire crew is back from the New Mexico fire without any serious incidents. Welcome back!

There are still two Hellsgate wildland crew members on the Poco Fire. Here’s hoping Captains Nick Fitch and Rick Heron return home soon.

The brush pick-up crew is up and running again after a serious break in the machinery. They have started back up in Star Valley and will be heading east any day now. The firefighter who mans Station 22 in Tonto Village, John Ceja, is helping the brush crew and will be in and out of the station for a few weeks until the crew can catch up.

Anyone seen a tortoise?

Mitzi Boles of Tonto Village III has lost her tortoise. The family has had this tortoise since it was a hatchling. It has been a family member for nine years and the family is heartbroken. Mitzi has asked people to check their garages and the surrounding wooded areas around Tonto Village. Mitzi will even give a reward if you are the one who finds this family pet. Mitzi’s phone number is (928) 478-4803.


On June 21, Stephanie Morris of Tonto Village II will add another candle on her birthday cake on her special day. She is the daughter of Rita Spalink and granddaughter of Charlie Terry, longtime residents of the Village.

On June 26, Danny Cain of Tonto Village III will be tacking on another year. Happy birthday to the both of you.

Double D doings

The restaurant held a Father’s Day potluck dinner on Sunday afternoon. These gatherings are a great time for all the neighbors to get together over some great food.

Non-Tonto Village residents dominated the Tuesday evening pool games. Payge Ferriera of Houston Mesa won first place, followed by two Christopher Creek players, Judy Tolle and Nanci Olson. They took second and third places. Congratulations to the winners.

Spread this little ditty around this week: Happiness is like jam… You can’t spread even a little, without getting some on yourself! Have a great week.


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