Bad Attitudes



The attitudes expressed in Larry Brophy’s recent letter are exactly why America is in the economic, political, moral and social mess that it is in. He wants the rich to be taxed; never mind the fact that the more they are taxed, the less jobs they can provide, the less money they can offer what workers they do hire; the less those workers can improve their living standard until they can provide the charity for which Americans are famous.

What is wrong with people who think the rich and the taxpayers owe them a living whether they work or not? They don’t. Example: America did just fine for 126 years after the Constitution was ratified, and in 1900 the publication “19th Century” proclaimed that because of our Divinely-inspired Constitution, our gold and silver monetary system, and our constitutional prohibition against direct taxation of the people, the average working man, woman, and child had improved their living standard in 100 years more than in the last 25 centuries. The average ditch digger could send his kids to high school. The average high school graduate could send his kids to college. The average college graduate could send his kids to university and they could become doctors, lawyers, professionals of every stripe, and captains of industry. And they did.

Then the banking dynasties reclaimed their control over the U.S. economy with the (unconstitutional) passage of the Federal Reserve Act, and their lapdogs in government claimed the 16th (Income Tax) Amendment was ratified when it was not, and they claimed the 17th (public vote for Senators) Amendment was ratified when Article V of the Constitution specifically prohibits it unless every state agrees, and 10 did not.

Today the (unconstitutional) IRS pulls money out of circulation every time it changes hands in order to hide the inflation caused by worthless fiat money, and government borrows money without limit, and our great-grandchildren will be impoverished a thousand times more than we are because of it.

When every dollar you earn is a dollar of national debt instead of a dollar of wealth, it is no wonder everyone feels like they are slipping into poverty. Yet the answer is not begging rich people and government for more money representing debt; the answer is forcing government to obey the Constitution, stop taxing us to death, and stop spending our money on anything not authorized by the Constitution.

Donald L. Cline


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