Much Of Anti-Obama Talk Is Race Motivated



Response to “What this Republican believes.”

I was motivated to write when I read the opening paragraph about references to Bush about Hitler and Nazi Germany. Not sure where the writer is coming from, but most of the letters I have read have accused Obama with those references and I would be against any references to any of our presidents, former and current.

Also can’t understand the Marxist label that is thrown around. Obama is for the middle class, helped to save G.M., and the economy has been steadily improving for months, albeit, not fast enough for most people.

The truth is that Bush entered office with a surplus and left us with a huge deficit and two wars, which contributed to the deficit. Obama got us out of one war, is withdrawing from the other, and got Osama Bin Laden and most recently, the second in command.

Romney is for the top 1 percent, expects to fix the deficit without any taxes, and is completely out of touch with the middle class. Some of his classic comments have been, “My wife has two Cadillacs, offered to bet $10,000.00 to Gov. Perry during the debates and said he didn’t make any money last year.” He made $350,000 in speaking engagements, about seven times the average middle class income. He also recently made comments about cutting more government and included the police, firemen and teachers.

The top 1 percent should be paying their fair share of taxes.

I think most of the hatred against Obama is race motivated. He is probably the first president in history to have someone call out during the State of the Union address that he was “a liar” and most recently in a press conference, he was rudely interrupted by a so-called reporter, who did get his name in the news.

Firmly convinced if Obama could walk on water, one response would be, “Why didn’t the (insert your favorite expletive) learn how to swim.”

Ira Gibel


don evans 4 years, 7 months ago

Frankly Ira, I am fed up with Race baiters and America dividers such as you and those that think like you. Obama is of the same Ilk. When our State's rights and Individual rights are totally subjucated by a World View socialist agenda with a parade marshall like Obama, will you be happy then? Or when your required to have to speak Spanish in order to be employed in the USA? Mr. Gibel you are spouting dribel.


Dan Haapala 4 years, 6 months ago

Thanks Don. It's not just dribel his facts are all wrong because he has bought into the Demo Speak liners that are passed out to the liberals to advance their agenda. For me it's not Race. I would rather have had Colin Powell or Herman Cain if either had run in 2008. I prefer either to McCain as well. How did he save GM? He did not. GM is now poised to fail greater than ever before because the people choose what they want to buy, the government can't force them to buy what they want them to have....yet. Clinton's surplus, wasn't Clintons. It was because of Newt Gingrich and the Republican majority in the House and Senate. Bush was in office 11 months when an attack the likes of Pearl Harbor happened and it was a unanimous act to go get the bad guys. The "debt" began to go nuts when the Democrats took over in the 2006 election. When Pelosi and Reid took control, of the purse strings, (the President either signs or not) and the budget, all of what we know now, are experiencing now, began. Dems controlled all the committees that passed out the dole and created the greatest recession since 1929. Don't doubt me.


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