Pass The Highway Bill Now



The Highway Bill is an important part of regular business for the legislators in Washington to do. The Republicans have already held it up for 2-1/2 years. Every state in the Union uses the money from these allocations for their highway construction.

In Arizona, all federally numbered highways and many state roads are paid for at the rate of 93.5 percent by the feds with the remainder coming from we taxpayers.

I worked for the State of Arizona for nearly 40 years in the highway construction and finance area. Not only does the Republican stalemate stop construction and maintenance repairs, but it also takes work away from workers such as the operators, laborers, truck drivers and contractors. In addition, many of my former work friends are being cut down on working hours and benefits.

It is known that Republicans would like to break all unions, but even non-union contractors are hurt by their actions. Many families go hungry when work stops.

Please ask our politicians to pass the Highways Appropriations Bill before the June 30 deadline.

Jerry Foster


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