Wish Letter Writers Were A Little More Careful With Facts



In reference to Wendy Trainor’s letter of 19 June — She provides no documentation for her allegations and conveniently ignores the contributions from all of the various unions that supported Gov. Walker’s opponent. Not every member of those unions wanted their money (forced membership) spent as it was. She also forgets that those unions are, in fact and reality corporations — even though they of themselves don’t produce much of anything of value.

The so-called “middle class” worker does have a voice, it is called a “ballot” and when less than 50 percent vote, something else will influence the results.

Why is it that people want to break us down into “classes”? This means that there are some “second class” citizens, along with “third class citizens.” How many readers like being referred to as a “second class citizen”?

$40,000-a-plate-dinners are perfectly acceptable from the “Elite Class” when the maximum individual contribution is $2,500, the same with the $1,000,000 from a foul-mouthed bigot from TV Land ... And she cries foul?

Larry Brophy’s letter raises the question, in my mind, How about those of the “Elite Class” (that are Democrats) who fall into that “tens of millions of dollars” and have charitable donations of less than a half a percent of their income? Always blame big business/corporations and the “wealthy Republicans.”

The top 10 wealthiest in Congress are Democrats, yet if they had not/did not exist, the vast majority of Americans would not have enjoyed the lifestyle that they did or are enjoying today.

He conveniently forgets that these corporations are owned, for the most part, by stockholders, some of whom might only make $40,000 a year.

I, for one, am tired of hearing that Americans, wealthier than the complainer, are “unpatriotic”; tired of hearing that because I won’t support programs for the “career welfare recipient” that I am an “unpatriotic” American — Hard for a 25-plus years veteran to be “unpatriotic” — at least in my mind anyways.

His “flag waving” is fine, his blame game is not. He should spend the time to see how many of the people he is blaming are in reality on his side of the fence … it is in the Congressional Record, clear back to day one ...

Jim Gier


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