Make The Senior Center Part Of Your Tax Plan


Arizona tax law provides a tax credit for contributions made to certain charities that provide assistance to the working poor. Payson Senior Center is an approved 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that has been helping Rim Country seniors and disabled for 27 years in achieving and maintaining self-sufficiency with dignity and offering choices of appropriate care by providing a wide range of community and home-based services. The Senior Center provides about 36,000 meals and 9,600 rides to Rim Country seniors and disabled annually.

How the tax credit works

Anyone who pays state taxes may be eligible for the tax credit, which is not the same as a deduction on your income tax form. For example: if you owe $1,000 in state income tax, and you donate $400, you may subtract the $400 from your tax bill and pay the state only $600. You can even use your $400 donation as a federal income tax deduction. 

The Arizona Working Poor Tax Credit can be taken in addition to the private and public school tax credits offered by Arizona.


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Donations to the Senior Center can be made anytime during the year and count for a tax credit.

Frequently asked questions

Question: Do I get money back?

Answer: No. This tax credit redirects the taxes you would normally pay the state to qualifying charitable organizations.

Question: I currently use the Public Education Tax Credit. Can I do the Working Poor Tax Credit too?

Answer: Yes. Each tax credit is independent. Therefore, you can take advantage of both the Public Education and Working Poor Tax Credits as well as the Private School Tuition Tax Credit.

Question: How much can I give?

Answer: $400 for married couples filing jointly and $200 if filing single. Please consult your tax advisor for specific questions related to your tax situation.

Question: How do you utilize the Working Poor Tax Credit dollars?

Answer: 100 percent of these tax credit dollars go to the Senior Center’s Meals-On-Wheels, Congregate Meal and Transportation programs.

Question: How do I donate?

Answer: You can donate anytime during the year. Checks should be made payable to Payson Senior Center. They can be mailed to or dropped at 514 W. Main St., Payson, AZ 85541. The Center also takes credit cards.


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