Be Proactive This Fourth Of July



I woke up this morning thinking about the upcoming Independence Day and I have been inspired to become more proactive toward encouraging more of you to join with me on July 4th.

Once again, after the flag-raising at the Payson Veterans Memorial at Green Valley Park, we will take part in a public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Each year we have done this I have been surprised at the number of “grayheads” who say, “I never heard the whole thing before!” Come and find out for yourself that it takes about 10 minutes for the reading. That’s all. The good stuff comes during the next hour when many are inclined to speak from their hearts what that means to them.

In years past, the number of participants has never been large. Perhaps attention has been diverted to all the other “fun” activities associated with the Fourth of July. But the number of those at the reading — generally between 30 to 50 people — always reflects the quality of the participants, not just the quantity.

I invite you all to join with me this year for the public reading of our very precious Declaration of Independence. That’s whether you can be here in Payson or wherever you are. Let’s make this 236th anniversary of that event be the strongest demonstration yet of our rededication to the memory of those who put their lives on the line to establish the freedoms that seem so threatened today.

Those who have already passed on deserve no less.

Our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that come to participate should know they will be able to do the same for theirs.

See you at Green Valley Park.

Lew Levenson, CDR, USN (ret)


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