Despite Cuts, Time Out Will Continue To Provide Shelter



Well it has been quite a week at Time Out Shelter! We all are aware that the state’s finances aren’t in the best condition. So when we received notice from the Department of Economic Security that our annual allocation would probably be cut, it was no surprise.

What we didn’t expect was a 60 percent cut — translating to almost $130,000. Quite a hit for a small, but vital agency in our town and our county. Funds had been cut in the past, and we, like every other family, tightened our belts, cut out the extras, used our savings and relied on friends to help us through the tough time.

So once I pick myself back up off the floor, the first statement I want to make is that no one who is a victim of domestic violence need worry that we are closing the doors on any of our 28 shelter and 10 transitional beds! Our program will continue.

Running a shelter is no different from running a family home. There are regular expenses, and you plan for a certain number of folks. Here, it’s a bit like planning for a family visit for a week for five kids, and then 26 show up, plan to stay a month, and by the way, eight are ill and require medical care.

So we will tighten the belt a bit more, realign (again) our staffing and ask friends and family to help one more time. We have the greatest employed and volunteer staff anywhere, and a fantastic board of directors. We will be asking our volunteer staff to do more, and our employed staff may have less discretionary money to spend in town.

No one who desperately needs our services should worry. We are here to stay until there are no more victims of domestic violence who need our services.

Miracles happen every day. You are one of those miracles, and so thanks to all of you who have helped keep our doors open for the past 18 years!

Camille Levee, executive director,

Time Out, Inc.


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