Pswid Board Frustrates This Homeowner



I have received a public notice that I must curtail the water use at my property in Strawberry. Since January, I have been to the property three times. Now that the summer heat has hit the Valley, our plan was to enjoy our home in the mountains every weekend this summer.

We continue to be frustrated with the behavior of the PSWID board. With the change to the billing, we’ve been forced to pay for water we don’t use. And now that we are ready to use our home, we are being told no water is available.

I’m paying for something like 3,000 gallons per month minimum — use it or not. If I use 3,000 gallons per year I’d be surprised. And now that I’m ready to use what I’ve paid for — it isn’t available.

The PSWID should be more focused on ensuring a supply of what the residents are paying for (or overpaying in the case of part-time residents) instead of who said what to whom at their circus meetings.

Vinny Tuccillo


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