Sensitive Dog Has Tender Heart


I am a volunteer who has worked with Day Day for a while. I love this dog and want you to know her spirit as I have come to know her.

Day Day has lived at the Humane Society of Central Arizona animal shelter for eight months, having been rescued from abuse. In the safety of this environment and in the hands of loving staff members, she readily bonded with all of them and her loving, sweet nature revealed itself.


Humane Society photo

She is not, however, a confident, “bullet-proof” dog. She cannot handle much sight or sound stimulation. Energetic kids with their high-pitched voices, kennel dogs barking, multiple people moving, all make her very anxious and her “flight response” soon kicks in. Here, you may see her jumping and barking and think she’s “hyper.” But once removed from what is traumatic for her, she is calm.

Having spent many hours with her over a few weeks, I can say she’s a great house pet. I find that she doesn’t need a lot of exercise and, in fact, doesn’t have much stamina. She’d rather bond with people than go for a jog. She does, however, need a human with a tender heart like hers; one who will be patient with her and not subject her to things that frighten her.

Take it slow, let her build up her trust at her own speed, remove her from situations that make her overly anxious and she will be your loyal companion.

As a trainer, I find this dog very responsive to work with. She has a fairly reliable “sit” and “down” and does “come,” “twist,” “watch” and “stay” when there are no distractions. I think you’ll enjoy having her work for you and seeing her pleasure at pleasing you.


Humane Society photo

Day Day loves to:

• Cuddle up next to you.

• Give kisses.

• Wag her tail when you tell her what a

good girl she is or how pretty she is.

• Lay by your side as you work at home

or in the back yard.

• Fall asleep in the security of being

with you.

If you would like to learn more about Day Day or any of the shelter pets available for adoption, call (928) 474-5590, stop by the new shelter (located behind the site of the old shelter at 812 S. McLane Road) or visit our Web site at

Photos courtesy of Humane Society of Central Arizona


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