Solutions To Our Country’S Problems



War is hell and it is expensive. The greatest cost is to the brave military personnel who made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom and our wounded warriors who struggle every day to regain their previous quality of life. Our deepest sympathy needs to be extended as well to the loved ones and friends of all those who have made the sacrifices.

The economic costs are huge, especially as the politicians continue increasing our national deficit. There is a solution to these costs: First, cease all military activities in Afghanistan and remove the vast majority of our personnel from unfriendly Asian countries. We have bases in the area that should be equipped with the most modern aircraft in addition to keeping aircraft carriers in the region.

Most of these military personnel can be returned to the states, assigned to National Guard and reserve units with one weekend per month training, and then provided with jobs. Jobs available would be on road crews needed to repair our aging bridges and highways, laying the oil pipeline from Canada when Obama awakens from his mental lapse, and providing our ports and border areas many more inspectors and monitors. Other areas of expertise in demand are other job possibilities.

Not only would we save money on oil imports, but better border enforcement could dramatically reduce the illicit drug trade. Drug addicts are responsible for a great many felonies; reduction of the supply will ease our prisons to house fewer inmates, which is another cost saver.

The foregoing suggestions provide only a brief sketch of possible solutions and requires more detailed examination. May God bless America and its brave protectors.

Gerald R. Rutz


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