Women Are Discriminated Against



Can you imagine if abortion and obtaining birth control is hindered, or for that matter, goes away? Think about all the toilet bowl drownings, garbage bag babies, all the babies that will overflow the safe havens of the fire stations, and the welfare, public assistance, etc., that will happen without birth control.

We are in enough trouble with gas (prices) extreme gouging, wonder who is responsible for that, let alone the dirty, disgusting, atrocious, behavior of our present day politicians. I wouldn’t vote for any one of them, (Ron Paul, excluded,) if they were holding a gun to my head.

It is a historic fact that women have been discriminated regarding health issues since time began, so, where were the women, how come there were none on that panel? I have never been so ashamed of my country in my 70 years as I am now at these creatures that are trying to be its leaders! Religion, gays and women’s rights, and probably more issues, should have never been any kind of issue. So goes the way of men!

Judy Moffett McClellan


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