Convicted Man Faces More Trials


The hapless crime spree of Carlos Dorame-Ruiz has apparently come to an ignoble end thanks to a duck-like running stride, a patch of ice and questionable driving skills showcased in several low-speed, sometimes off-road police chases.

Last month, a jury deliberated for just an hour before finding Carlos Dorame-Ruiz, 22, guilty of trafficking stolen property and false reporting. Dorame-Ruiz, 22, faces sentencing on March 12 on that conviction.

Just one month later, he’ll face a new trial — this time as a result of his flight from officers on an ATV after a fight with his girlfriend last January. Dorame-Ruiz allegedly crashed the ATV on an icy Payson street and fled the scene. Dorame-Ruiz later told officers he wasn’t driving the ATV because someone else stole it from a friend’s home earlier.

In a third, unscheduled case, Dorame-Ruiz faces charges that on Sept. 10, 2011 he fled from officers — this time on a dirt bike.

Stolen hunting bows

In February, a jury convicted Dorame-Ruiz of selling stolen outdoor equipment and lying to officers. One victim in that case identified Dorame-Ruiz by the way he runs, according to sheriff’s reports.

“He runs like a duck and his feet go out wide when running,” the witness told officers.

Bows and other hunting equipment went missing from the home on Midway Road in the fall of 2010. When the bows showed up at a local archery shop, the shop’s owners recognized them as belonging to the homeowner.

The man who had brought the bows in told police he bought them from Dorame-Ruiz.

Dorame-Ruiz, in turn, told officers he got the bows from two juveniles and denied he had broken into the home on Midway Road. He later told police that he knew the bows were stolen when he bought them — and admitted initially lying to officers.

This would not be the last time officers would question Dorame-Ruiz in 2011.

ATV spree

Prosecutors say Dorame-Ruiz fled from officers after a drunken altercation with his girlfriend on Jan. 5, 2011. Upset after the woman bought a new vehicle, he confronted her at a home on West Bridle Path Lane.

The woman’s mother called police when Dorame-Ruiz reportedly started cursing, throwing things, shoving his girlfriend and refusing to leave.

Dorame-Ruiz reportedly got in a black all-terrain Arctic Cat and left the residence.

As one officer spoke with the family on Bridle Path Lane, another officer spotted Dorame-Ruiz’s ATV on McLane Road.

Dorame-Ruiz reportedly ignored the officer’s flashing lights and sirens and eventually eluded the officer on West Roundup Road.

Shortly thereafter, another officer found Dorame-Ruiz’s ATV lying on its side on the corner of North McLane and West Corral after he hit a patch of ice.

Later that night, Dorame-Ruiz called his girlfriend’s phone. When an officer answered, Dorame-Ruiz refused to explain what had happened that night. The next day, on Jan. 6, Dorame-Ruiz called the Payson Police Department to report his Arctic Cat stolen.

Officer Michael Hillegas asked Dorame-Ruiz to come into the police station to file a formal report. “Dorame stated that his Arctic Cat was left at his friend’s house” where it had been taken, said Hillegas in a police report.

Dorame-Ruiz told Hillegas he only learned the ATV was stolen when his friend called him the next morning. He insisted he had not driven the ATV, since his driver’s license had been suspended.

After Dorame-Ruiz signed the stolen property report, Hillegas arrested him for false reporting. “As I was booking Dorame, I asked him if he could tell me more details about that night or if he wanted to talk,” Hillegas said. “Dorame stated that he had been intoxicated and did not remember any details.”

Nine months later, police would chase after Dorame-Ruiz again, this time on a dirt bike.

Dirt bike run

On Sept. 10, 2011, three officers saw Dorame-Ruiz speed into the Giant Gas Station on Highway 260 as he flipped off a passing motorist. As Dorame-Ruiz did a wheelie in the parking lot, officers saw the bike did not have visible tags and gave chase. Dorame-Ruiz sped east on Highway 260.

“We were at over 80 (mph) and Dorame only had a headlight,” said Deputy Leonard Kerszykowski. “He weaved in and out of traffic and I observed vehicles swerving and maneuvering as he drove recklessly.”

Dorame-Ruiz went through The Rim Club neighborhood and down East Granite Dells Road to shake the pursuit. Later, he reportedly bragged “around town how he was running from the cops,” Kerszykowski said.

Dorame-Ruiz denied any unlawful flights from officers — although he was already on probation for unlawful flight. He also had previous convictions for underage drinking and possession of drug paraphernalia.


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