The Great Compassion In This Community Is Astounding



I would like to, on behalf of the Wright and Shannon family, share with you the greatness of the Payson community. I would also like to give thanks and appreciation to its residents.

We lost our daughter, the mother to eight of our grandchildren in September of 2011. This has left a huge void in our lives. She is someone who can never be replaced.

It has also left us as the sole providers and caregivers to our grandchildren.

The response to our loss from the community was incredible — from the donations in jars that were set out at different businesses; the wonderful memorial service provided by the Nazarene Church with Char Bradford; the ladies who prepared a meal for all in attendance; Pastor Richey; all who attended; and all the food that was brought to us.

All of this support, while it could not fill the void created by our daughter’s death, has certainly helped to ease our pain knowing that so many care.

But, there is more — if that is even possible. Everyone at Messinger Mortuaries was wonderful, as was everyone at Payson Regional Medical Center. I was overwhelmed during the Christmas season by the continued giving from those who don’t even personally know us and those who do.

It has been a very emotional time for us in double fold.

The first were wonderfully caring, knowing the void and loss we feel. The second being the many and overwhelming blessings we have received from the community. I cannot begin to express how much it has all meant.

A very heartfelt and special thanks to the police department and sheriff’s office for the gifts they provided for the kids — this gave their Christmas the true sense of giving.

A very special thank you also to Juliedon and all the rest of hairdressers at the Colorz Salon. And the anonymous donations made through her for the computer and numerous other things.

You all have no idea what this has meant to us. Words could never do justice to the overwhelming gratitude we feel or the amount of thanks we have for all these wonderful blessings.

Thank you all again so much and may you all be blessed with a magical and wonderful year in 2012.

You have each helped in making our loss and burden so much more bearable. Thank you and thank you again.

Denise would thank you also if she could.

Tom and Toots Wright and all the Shannon children


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