Don’T Remove Eagles From Endangered List



The article on March 9, 2012 about removing the eagles in this state has overlooked some issues.

I get the feeling the Indians want the eagle removed from the endangered list. I think it’s because they want to kill the birds for their ceremonial benefit. After all, the eagle is the white man’s symbol, not theirs.

I have read many times when the various tribes are going to kill a number of eagles the government has given them permission to kill, because the feathers are sacred. I find that not true, because if the feathers are sacred, then why aren’t the (actual) eagles even more sacred?

Killing a proud bird like the eagle is not a matter of pride, just the opposite. An eagle will proudly and unafraid just sit on its perch and let you shoot them, because they don’t know fear.

I have lived in Arizona for 70 years, and every time I see one, it touches me as a symbol of the home of the brave, and the land of the free. Please don’t let some government agency take that away from us, we have lost so much and so many lately.

Dell Owens


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