Babeu Wrong For Congress



Sheriff Paul Babeu is running for Congress to replace the sitting Republican Paul Gosar and from where I sit, Babeu is the wrong man to send to Washington.

The man we need in Washington must understand what it takes to balance a budget and help small businessmen, and Babeu is neither. Since being elected to his first term as sheriff of Pinal County, Babeu has regularly failed to balance the budget. This year he is asking Pinal County to bailout his department to the tune of more than $650,000.

Sheriff Babeu has not shown the restraint I would expect of the man I am sending to Washington. Instead he seems to be a wild party animal, posting provocative pictures of himself on sexually orientated Web sites.

While I can only speak for myself, I want to urge my fellow Republicans to continue to support Paul Gosar for Congress, a man with a solid business background and strong family values.

Robert Hamer


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