Notice Of Phs Ptso Efforts Appreciated



Thank you for your article and supportive editorial on our high school Parent Teacher Student Organization. We were so glad we could arrange and fund the trip for Andrew Fiala and Michael-James Ellis, two of our excellent science teachers, to the science convention in the Valley, and then treat them and their significant others to an enjoyable dinner afterwards, and also pay for their gas expenses for the trip.

We especially appreciate our PHS PTSO secretary, Fayth Lowery, for hatching this inspired idea, and all the generous local individuals and businesses she personally contacted who contributed to this event.

We plan to arrange more such special professional enrichment events in the future for our Payson High School teachers.

One small clarification: We are the Payson High School Parent Teacher Student Organization (PHS PTSO), not simply the PTSO. I believe other schools in our district have their own Parent Teacher Organizations; we PHS PTSO folks don’t want people to mistakenly think that we represent, or claim credit for working on the behalf of, all schools in the entire district.

Thank you again to all our supportive parents and local businesses, and to the Roundup for writing about us! Anyone interested in finding out or working with our PHS PTSO can contact me at (You don’t have to be a parent, teacher, or student — just someone who wants to help our high school in any way you can.)

For more information, check out: http://www.edline. net/pages/MWS/Main_Menu/PTSO/PHS_Parent_Teacher_Student_Org.

Tina Terry

PHS PTSO Faculty Advisor


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