Snow A Welcome Sight For Tonto Village


This past Tuesday was the first day of spring, believe it or not. Tonto Village, along with the surrounding communities, Bear Flat and Mead Ranch, all were dumped on with about 15 inches of snow. So far, the amount of precipitation amounts to 1.5 inches, but there is still a deficit of about 6 inches according to a Bear Flat resident, who has kept records for many years on rainfall and snow accumulation.

When I was a kid living in upstate New York, I can remember looking out the window on the first day of spring and seeing just about as much snow when I expected to see spring flowers. What a disappointment that was.

I am not disappointed now to see that much snow, the moisture is needed so badly. The fire season is alleviated just a little bit.

The snow shovels came out on Monday to clear a path to the gates and for our doggie, Daisy Mae, to do her business. On Monday morning when it was time for her to go outside, she took one look out the door and turned right around and got into her bed.

Hellsgate Fire Department

The Hellsgate fire board met last Wednesday evening for the March meeting at station #21 in Star Valley. It was reported that for this upcoming season, of the five fire towers that are in the forest, only two will be manned this year due to reduced personnel. The Diamond Point tower will not be manned.

The fire board also noted that there will be three positions open for election this November. There will be more information on the procedures in future columns.

Another topic up for discussion was station #22 in Tonto Village. Due to the age and condition of the fire station, a 10-year plan will be put into place to determine what repairs, etc. need to be implemented to insure a safe building.

A reminder that the Hellsgate Fireflies will be holding their first meeting of the year on Monday, April 9 at the fire station in Tonto Village. The meeting will get started at 10 a.m.

Bashas’ food market will be holding a food festival on April 21 and has asked that the Fireflies be a part of it to sell T-shirts, caps and raffle tickets for a chain saw and a homemade quilt. Discussion will also focus on the upcoming Memorial Weekend Breakfast on May 26. Everyone is welcome to join in the discussions and can join up to become a Firefly.

If you have questions, feel free to call Janet Snyder at (928) 478-9935.

There were no birthdays this past week and no pool competitions.


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