What Democrats Say They Believe



Do you know what the Democratic Party believes? Over the last few months, I have observed in the newspapers, radio and television what the Democratic Party stands for and I will list them here:

  1. They believe in open borders. They want amnesty for all illegal aliens in our country.

  2. They believe in income redistribution. They want to take money from hard-working citizens and give it to non-working citizens.

  3. They believe in de-emphasizing Christianity. They want to deny citizens the right to worship as they see fit.

  4. They believe in reducing our ability to defend our country. They loathe the military.

  5. They are pro-union and anti-business.

  6. They believe in big government. They want to hire more government employees and create more agencies.

  7. They believe that the Second Amendment does not guarantee citizens the right to abort any pregnancy.

  8. They are against making our country energy independent. They want to stop all drilling and refining in our country.

There are more issues that we could discuss, but these are enough to reveal the agenda of the Democratic Party.

Is this what we want to happen to our country? I don’t think so.

If the Democratic Party prevails in November, we will lose our Constitutional republic and will be a socialist republic, or worse.

Don Castleman


Ted Paulk 4 years, 10 months ago

"Loathe the military"? Along with all the other blantant BS printed in this "opinion" re; rant, this one stands out the most. Again you print some wing nuts ravings in your op-ed...WHY???


Dan Haapala 4 years, 10 months ago

I'll admit I don't really understand Don's comment #7, but Ted, can you see where a 'non Democrat' could draw these conclusions based on what the current "Democrat" Whitehouse and Senate are doing? Unlike Don, I don't think what is happening is a reflection of the old Democrat party. I think this new one has been corrupted by Socialists and Communists. My father was a staunch Democrat in 1960 and he was totally anti Union. If you read and follow JFK's short lived program I think you'd find more conservative than liberal points of view based on today's interpretation. To Don, I feel the same threat from my 'party', the Republicans seem to be more about raising money than raising the bar on personal responsibility. Fella's if we stopped putting lables on folks and started looking at what we believe, I think we'd find that most of us are together on the things that matter most. They don't need a label starting with a D or an R or an I or an L or a G. Lets be Americans, put this Country back on track and find some people who feel the same to represent us.


Ted Paulk 4 years, 9 months ago

"Socialst" "Communist"? Are you guys insane?!! Talk about "Labels". I have asked all of my friends who spew these words, "Give me one example of Obama being a Socialist or a Communist". They always change the subject. Look up the defintion of these words, I did.


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