My Democratic Party Believes This



Don Castleman (Friday’s Mail Call) doesn’t have to be afraid anymore. The Democratic Party he describes will not win in November for one simple reason. It does not exist. I do not know what party he thought he was describing, but it is not the Democratic Party I have been part of for 45 years.

Here are Castleman’s concerns and what this Democrat stands for:

• Redistribution of wealth — the greatest redistribution of wealth America has ever seen has already happened. Trillions went from the middle class to the upper class under Ronald Reagan and the two Bush presidencies. Democrats simply expect those that have benefited most from tax cuts and our economy should give back a larger portion of their huge gains in income taxes. Billionaire Warren Buffet’s secretary pays a higher tax rate than he does.

• Support for religion — As a life-long Christian, always active in my church, I know that millions of Democrats are people of faith as well. Democrats are not interested in forcing our beliefs, through legislation, onto everyone else as some Arizona legislators do.

• Military support — As a U.S. Army retiree, originally commissioned by President Nixon, I can personally report that it is a myth that one party supports our troops and our nation’s ability to defend ourselves better than another. Republicans love war because it is good for business, but Democrats also see the ongoing human and monetary costs of treating the physically and mentally wounded veterans, many of them hurt from multiple tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. We owe these veterans. War should always be the last resort.

• Smaller government and lower taxes — If we really want smaller government and we don’t like paying taxes for welfare, school lunch programs, special education, etc., then why aren’t we all supporting family planning? Democrats believe that preventing unwanted and unplanned pregnancies makes good economic and social sense. If we can prevent unwanted pregnancies, then the number of abortions will drop dramatically. Support birth control, its simpler, cheaper and more humane.

President Obama has been good for America. Just over three years ago, at the end of the Bush presidency we were on the verge of an economic depression, the banks were failing, the unemployment rate was increasing, the automobile industry was nearly bankrupt and consumers and investors had lost confidence in America, the stock market had crashed to 6,500 and Osama bin Laden was still free. Today bin Laden is dead, the market is over 13,000 (reinvigorating pensions and 401ks), the jobless rate is coming down, the auto industry is profitable and most Americans have regained their optimism.

Can things be better? Of course. Democrats want that as much as every other citizen. But it will take cooperation and sacrifice from all sectors of our society to get there. Demonizing each other is not the answer.

Ric Hinkie


Ted Paulk 4 years, 10 months ago

Excellent response to a person who obviously has NO idea what he was talking about.


Rex Hinshaw 4 years, 10 months ago

I tried to start reading this letter with an open mind....until I read "Republicans love war because it's good for business" and "Obama has been good for America"....Mr. Hinkie , today is not the Democratic party of 45 yrs. ago. This President and his adminstration are socialists, and if you and Mr.Paulk can't ,or don't wish to see this, that is the danger for this country! I just hope that the citizens of this country reject this president so we don't turn into a socialist democracy like most of Europe.


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