Claims About Democrats Outrageous



Some pretty wild remarks were printed in a letter in Friday’s Roundup titled, “What Democrats say they believe.” These outrageous claims deserve a few lines in return please.

Now, I don’t claim to speak for the Democratic Party; I am not a Democrat, but I know a lot of those good people, and I don’t know anyone of them who “loathes the military” as Mr. Castleman states ... in fact, a lot of these folks are veterans as am I.

Another “thoughtful” comment was, “They want to stop all drilling and refining ... again I find this very far from the truth. I don’t know any American who advocates such nonsense. But since the Roundup deigned to print these words and the writer’s other six ridiculous claims about how a group of people think, may I ask that you print the following; equal time, or fair and balanced, as it were?

Republicans’ Platform for 2012: Unlike Friday’s letter, these are true:

Corporations are people

Women who use birth control are sluts

College students are slobs

Gay Americans are an abomination

Poor people deserve to be poor

Union workers are Socialist thugs (What the heck is an American Socialist anyhow?)

Unemployed Americans are lazy parasites

Latinos are illegal until proven otherwise

The Bible trumps the Constitution

Global warming is a hoax

The U.S. auto industry should have been allowed to go bankrupt

The American president in a Muslim agent from Kenya

Schools are the last item to be funded from the Arizona state budget

Mine the Grand Canyon

Thank you,

Ted Paulk


Rex Hinshaw 4 years, 9 months ago

Mr. Paulk, Do you want to do away with the 1st Ammendment ? Or do you and other complainer about Mr. Castleman's letter being printed, want the Roundup to censor anything that you don't agree with. And yes , I agree with Travis....yours is an ignorant letter.


Ted Paulk 4 years, 9 months ago

I'm sorry I'm so ignorant...I've led such a sheltered life. Ted


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