A Misled Republican



During the last election the local Democratic Club developed a list of concerns and issues. We studied and discussed these issues and voted on them as part of our core beliefs. Any person who would like to review these is welcome to do so.

The person who wrote to the Payson Roundup outlining “what the Democratic Party believes” has apparently been totally misled by his news sources — likely Fox News, et al — and is certainly not a Democrat.

Because we believe politics should be conversations and genuine debates between people of good will and mutual respect, we invite him and others to our monthly meeting at the Payson Public Library.

As a party the Democrats are dedicated to root out lies and misinformation as part of an agenda to help make the world a better place to live in and raise rational, enlightened children. We welcome the opportunity to discuss or even fairly debate our real views with anyone who believes in looking for facts and ascertaining truth.

Sylvia Freeman

P.S. Good letter, Susan Claire, regarding “where is the men’s reproductive health bill.”


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