What Republicans Say They Believe



Do you know what the Republican Party believes? Over the past 40 years I have observed in the newspapers, radio, and television what the Republican Party stands for and I will list them here:

• They believe in open borders. They want all the illegal immigrants possible. That way the Republican businessman can head to Phoenix, pick up 20 or so men standing around on the streets, thus avoiding paying minimum wage, Social Security, safe working conditions, etc.

• They hate the tax money that the rich were paying under Carter. The Bush, Reagan, Bush tax cuts have millionaires and billionaires paying less than working people. The Democrats want to restore these taxes, balance the budget. The Republicans delude the uninformed by braying “class warfare and lazy people.” When Clinton raised these taxes just a bit he balanced the budget.

• They are waging a war on women, believing they are too ignorant to control their own issues. That’s why those pills are called “birth control pills.”

• They love the military budgets, no matter how bloated. Donate $250,000 or so to the local senator and you too can sell $50,000 hammers and $20,000 screwdrivers to the military.

• They hate unions. In the past the unions have forced the businessman to accept the eight-hour workday, cost of living raises, vacations, health care, etc. The Republicans want all this back.

• They created Homeland Security, rammed it through in a few days, taking all sorts of liberties from the working folk.

• They want to eliminate abortion; then they ignore the kids when they turn 5, by cutting aid to education, child care, school lunches, etc. This money can go to tax cuts for millionaires.

• They cater to the rich oil companies, giving them every tax cut they can invent, allowing them to operate a virtual monopoly.

There are more issues — the Republicans love recessions and depressions. They usually weather them well and snap up the goods and assets of the working class at bargain basements rates.

Their well-worn method of giving tax cuts to the upper class under the guise of “stimulating the economy and creating jobs” has sucked this country dry.

Bring on socialism. The rich have enjoyed it for 200 years, being subsidized by the government for almost everything and it’s about time we get to enjoy it some. In short, if you want another Republican recession, more money to the rich, deep cuts to the working class safety net, vote for the billionaires and millionaires of the 1 percent.

Leon Chamberlain


Rex Hinshaw 4 years, 9 months ago

Leon, I can't believe you actually want to "bring on Socialism." You and like minded people in this country are like a cancer. A Republican President and congress would be the cure.


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