Don’T Love Them To Death



Payson has a lot of summer homes, and people come here just for the summer from all parts of the country. We live in a community where most of the homes are vacant until the weather gets nice, such as right now.

Some of (the seasonal residents) aren’t aware it’s against the law to feed any animals except birds and tree squirrels.

We have nightly a herd of javelina, deer, elk, coyotes and a bear every once in awhile.

People should remember we moved into THEIR homes, and don’t feed them and make them unafraid of humans. So many times animals get used to being fed and get demanding, which can lead to Fish and Game having to remove or put them down.

I watch one big javelina, who is creative, almost every night — he rubs up against a bird feeder and seeds come falling down, which he loves. He will attack other javelina to keep them away from his food. And even when I have gone out to take the trash out, he won’t budge. If I had a dog with me and it wasn’t on a leash as it should be, I’m sure he would attack and kill the dog.

The whole point being — don’t love them to death, let them do what comes natural. We share this wonderful country with the creatures of the forest, let’s enjoy seeing them, and let them stay wild and live.

Dell Owens


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