Eight Apply For High School Principal Job


School officials plan to present a candidate to fill the soon-to-be-vacated Payson High School principal slot to the school board by May 14.

During the last few weeks, the district has advertised with the Department of Education and another Web site for school administrators searching for a position, said Superintendent Casey O’Brien.

“We’ve got seven to eight resumés from all over Arizona and a couple from out of state,” said O’Brien. None of the candidates currently work for the district.

For the next two weeks, a committee made up of administrators, high school teachers, parents and a representative from the Tonto Apache Tribe will pour over applications, interview and select one candidate to present to the school board on May 14.

Incoming superintendent Ron Hitchcock will participate in the process. Having been a principal, Hitchcock can offer suggestions on red flags to watch out for in a candidate, said O’Brien. He will also work closely with the new administrator, said O’Brien.

O’Brien hopes the committee can come to a consensus on the top choice and the board agrees with that choice. If not, the district would start the process all over again.

Due to competition for good candidates, O’Brien hopes the position is filled sooner rather than later.

“If they’re currently employed, they need to let their employer know they have to find a replacement,” said O’Brien.


Tim Fruth 4 years, 8 months ago

Do not know who is responsible for the mistakes in the article but the candidates were not all from out of the district. In fact one of the four they will interview is currently an administrator in the district.


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