Voters Should Be Made Aware Of Alec



Now that the public is aware of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the goal of privatizing government and eliminating unions, it is time to speak up. A search of the Internet revealed the following:

Americans need to understand how global corporations are trying to deny our rights.

ALEC holds secret meetings and funds our legislators’ travel expenses to participate in preparing “model” legislation across the country: “Stand your ground,” voter ID and attempts to control women’s rights are a few examples.

When Cathi Herrod, Center for Arizona Policies, and Rick Santorum kept repeating “from conception to a natural death,” by rote, both were apparently coached by one source. Does this mean they oppose the death penalty? Does this mean they believe the States should help support and care for all of the children who are poor, unwanted or neglected?

They are quoting dialog given them by corporate groups that effectively demands legislators dismiss the will of their constituents. They are not thinking for themselves, but rather answering to multi-national corporations rather than hometown voters.

Arizona has one of the highest numbers of ALEC legislators of any state — 50 of 90 are documented members.

Rep. Debbie Lesko, ALEC Arizona Public Sector Chair, has a role, which according to ALEC’s by-laws, requires her “working to introduce model legislation.” Rep. Lesko is the legislator who has introduced and pushed birth control legislation.

Our Gila County, state representatives and senator are members. Governor Brewer is an alumnus.

Sylvia Freeman


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