Thanks For The Introduction



You can thank Sylvia Freeman for inadvertently introducing us to the American Legislative Exchange Council last Friday in the Roundup.

Now, if you want to know who ALEC really is, go to their Web site at

I wish it were open to all true Americans to join their group, but it is reserved for legislators. However, you can join the other organization that Freeman introduced us to, the Center for Arizona Policies at

Rick Santorum and Cathi Herrod can wear their memberships as badges of honor because both groups stand for free enterprise, limited government interference, and strong moral values, all virtues that our country was founded upon.

Freeman also mentioned Governor Brewer as an alumnus of ALEC and that “our Gila County, state representatives, and senators are members.” Now we know who to proudly vote for.

Anytime a liberal socialist-leaning Democrat tries to disparage someone or some group, you know that someone or some group is spot on.

Oh, and by the way Sylvia, Rick Santorum gets his pro-life views from his Catholic faith. Please don’t tell me the Catholic Church is a member of ALEC too, “answering to multinational corporations” and having “secret meetings.”

Wow, now that’s some conspiracy. Or should I say fantasy.

Tim Branson


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