Town Budget Problems Require Survival Mode



Today we are seeing government at its worst. Gridlock in Washington and the demands by Republicans that America follow the failed policies of Europe and balance the budget in the middle of a recession has almost stopped the flow of funds to state governments. State governments like Arizona, to balance their budgets, layoff employees, reduce services and cutback on the flow of money to small towns like Payson.

Payson now faces the tough decision about how to balance a budget when threatened by another year of reduced funds.

We are no better off than any other small town in America. Young families are leaving for lack of work. The recession has slowed tourism and longtime businesses are forced to close for lack of customers. People are delaying retirement, and getting rid of second homes; many of those by foreclosure. Teachers, firefighters, police officers — all important to the welfare of our community — are being laid off or not hired for lack of funds; while demands by retired employees continue to drain the town’s bank account. Now is the time for Payson to get into survival mode.

I have a small business in Payson and believe that all debts need to be paid, but hard times require tough decisions. Let’s not let the courts, Gov. Brewer or the rest of those folks in Phoenix starve Payson.

Now is the time for the town to talk about bankruptcy.

In the good times, government and businesses made big promises to their employees, but now we all know that these promises were too rich.

Airlines, automobile manufacturers and many other businesses have filed bankruptcy for the sole purpose of balancing budgets when facing excessive demands by the unions.

Now is the time to face up to the public employee unions before they bankrupt all of us. If you are going to take away my Social Security and Medicare, then government employees have to give up their rich retirement and medical benefits — $700,000 for 41 retirees is not reasonable. And if the only way to make the adjustments to the budget needed to save the Town of Payson require bankruptcy, then I say bankrupt the town.

Robert Hamer


don evans 4 years, 8 months ago

Hey, the phony bubble had to burst sometime, and now it has. Not just here, all across the nation. All of us living the good life, shop till you drop, buy, acquire, spend and spend some more. Don't worry, we don't have to plan for our individual future, there is always my Govt. Social Security check. We have done it to ouselve's and now it's time to pay the piper. Enjoy that 15 trillion dollar Govt. debt that's now due. Yeah, just declare bankruptcy and pass our poor decisions down the line for someone else in the next generation to absorb.


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