We Can’T Put Out A Forest Fire



Yes, “Heartless Fools Live Among Us.” Forest fires cannot be prevented what with arsonists, lightning, etc.

People died in a Colorado fire started by the Forest Service — a “controlled burn.”

If you drive up North McLane, you will see that both sides are a forest fire waiting to happen! Where are the “firewise” folks?

And as to the Forest Service, they “fight” or “manage” fires the way they did 60 years ago. We can go to the moon and beyond, but we can’t put out a forest fire! Did they ever hear of the word “effectivity”?

Gerry Brown


don evans 4 years, 8 months ago

While your at it, take a good look at Payson Parkway, just North of Longhorn Road. All that tinder growing behind all the residential dried out Wood fencing runing for four blocks.


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