More Republican Mistruths



Once again I am forced to take pen in hand to counter the latest Republican mistruths. Once again (sigh) we see wild-eyed allegations with no substance nor explanation behind them.

Alan Kline chides Obama as mentally unstable. I would consider George Bush as mentally and emotionally unstable. Or at least a cold-hearted conservative. Two weeks after giving billionaires and millionaires billions of dollars in tax cuts he was informed that the pension board in Washington was $20 billion short. When asked if he was going to make up this shortfall, so hard-working common people who had lost their jobs and pensions could have some money to live on he replied, “No. People have to learn to get by on less.” How would you qualify this, Mr. Kline? And is egotistical just an euphemism for “uppity”?

I would like to translate Republican speak for the uninformed. Free enterprise means no government regulations, with no controls to protect the unwary. Anything goes. Power to the rich. Corporations run roughshod over the consumers.

Limited government interference means busting unions, impoverishing workers, polluting at will, again, no controls. Or as Hitler said “might makes right.”

Strong moral values means having the strait-laced, have no fun, conservative ethics forced upon everyone that doesn’t follow their narrow viewpoint on how the world should be. You should behave like they tell you to do! Just like in Nazi Germany.

Once again I wonder how average folk can be persuaded to champion the cause of the greedy rich. I’m sure they appreciate it and laugh at you all the way to the bank (probably in the Cayman Islands).

Leon Chamberlain


Rex Hinshaw 4 years, 8 months ago

How dare you compare conservatives to Nazi's and their ideas to Hitler's. I won't compare you to Mao or Stalin...but your ideas are dangerous to this country and its future.


don evans 4 years, 8 months ago

The name Chamberlain sounds familiar in the historical context. Wasn't he the guy that met with Hitler on behalf of the Brits and all Europe just before the German blitzkrige. He came back home proclaiming he had secured a lasting peace and non agression treaty from Mr. Hitler. AHhhhh, those rose colored glasses are so blinding to the Limoscene Socialist.


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