Festivals Give Community A Boost

Tamara Morken of Rimside Grill and Cabins, shows residents, Boyd and Nancy Miller the work underway to transform the popular Pine restaurant into THAT Brewery & Pub. The restaurant remained busy in spite of construction during last weekend’s May Day Festival.

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Tamara Morken of Rimside Grill and Cabins, shows residents, Boyd and Nancy Miller the work underway to transform the popular Pine restaurant into THAT Brewery & Pub. The restaurant remained busy in spite of construction during last weekend’s May Day Festival.


The spring blossoms peaking in Pine and Strawberry, spectacular scenery, perfect weather and oldies music in the air (courtesy of Payson’s own DJ Craig) made last weekend’s May Day Festival a joyful experience. Parked cars lined the highway through Pine most of the day on Saturday and Sunday as locals and visitors – some just passing through – stopped to partake in the festival spirit and join in the merriment.

In Pine, the restaurants and cafes like the Randall House, the new Pine Creek Smokehouse, HB’s, as well as Sidewinders, the Pine Deli and the Early Bird were buzzing with activity. Even the Rimside Grill was open for business even though it is under remodeling construction for transformation into THAT Brewery & Pub. Owner, Tamara, along with husband, Steve, are using local contractor Blue Moon Construction and other area contractors and merchants for all of the work and materials.

It was encouraging to see so many locals and visitors walking around town and supporting the festival vendors and local establishments. It was a glimpse into the busy, exciting, and local economy - boosting summer ahead.

If you missed it or just didn’t get enough of that good old-fashioned Pine-Strawberry style fun, you can do it again next weekend at the Arts and Crafts Guild 32nd Annual Memorial Day Arts and Crafts Festival.

Attention book lovers

The Pine Library Friends Memorial Day Weekend Book Sale is always a book lovers delight with countless books of every variety. However, this year’s event is sure to surpass them all, with one of the largest book sales ever held by the Friends of the Pine Library. This is due to the weeding of the fiction collection within the library earlier this year.

This not-to-be-missed sale is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Friday, May 25 and continues from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, May 26, and from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday, May 27. The sale will take place at the Library Activity Room located off Hwy. 87 and Randall Place, behind the Cultural Hall in Pine. The annual book sale is held each year in conjunction with the Arts and Crafts Guild Memorial Day Festival and makes it the perfect weekend to discover the magic of Pine and Strawberry.

Riff-Raff Club accepting donations

Do you have a gift or duplicate item still in the box in your closet that you have never used? I admit, I do! It’s a Handy Stitch cordless sewing machine. A few years ago when it was a hot item, I thought a sewing-challenged person like me could use one, so I put it on my Wish List. I received two! That’s when I learned that just because something looks “easy” on the infomercial doesn’t mean that I can operate it! I’m sure there is someone out there who could really use this handy item and would love to have it. Please join me in searching your homes and your hearts and donate some items to this great group who do so much each year to help needy individuals and families in Pine and Strawberry.

The Riff-Raff Club is now accepting donations of un-used items for its fifth annual Naked Yard Sale. Please bring your donations to Bishop Self Storage off Old County Road in Pine between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. every Saturday. The gate will be open. Just drive toward the back to find them. A reminder - no clothing will be accepted, which is how this annual yard sale fund-raising event got it’s name. The Naked Yard Sale is scheduled for the weekend of the Strawberry Festival, June 9, so there’s still plenty of time to make donations.

Local school a source of community pride

Pine Strawberry School students are once again doing remarkable things. Hooray and good job to the Pine Strawberry Builders Club, a leadership club sponsored by the Zane Grey Country Kiwanis, which took second place in the United States in the Kiwanis International scrap book competition. Many congratulations to all of these talented students and the school and club leadership for a job well done! The Builders Club is the same group who visited the Pine Strawberry Senior Dining Room earlier this year to give gifts and express appreciation to local seniors and also coordinated the school’s annual food drive for the local food bank last January.

Last week, it was my pleasure to report that our school’s Student Council achieved the highest rating of Master Council in May at the Arizona Junior High Student Council State Convention, and faculty member and council adviser, Jan Clark, was also recognized with a well-earned Distinguished Service Award. The P/S Student Council also took top honors in 2011 at the Convention and was chosen to present workshops to the other student councils in the state.

As if that’s not enough – two local students were grand prize-winners at the Gila County Science and Engineering Fair in March, while another student took first place in the Arizona State Archery Competition this year.

The local students have excelled again and again and I am proud of all of you and thank you for all the good news to share.

Please keep me appraised of your Strawberry and Pine happenings at haffordjoy1@gmail.com or call (602) 790-0248.


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