Atv Rodeo, Demo Derby Are Main Events Of Games



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Yes, that’s a person riding a cowhide behind an ATV in the ATV Rodeo at the 2011 event. The contest is also part of the 2012 ATV Rodeo, which will be held at 7 p.m., Friday, June 2 at the Payson Event Center.

The Friday night ATV Rodeo and the Saturday night Trucks Only Demolition Derby are the main events of the 2012 Mountain High Games.

ATV Rodeo

The ATV Rodeo is open to riders ages 8 and up, though the power of the ATVs used by the younger contestants is restricted. Those 8 to 12 may use only 150 cc or under vehicles and can only compete in the barrels, poles and, as a rider, the hide race events. Those 13 to 15 may only use 250 cc (or under) vehicles, however, all of the contests are open to them.

In addition to the barrels, poles and hide race open to the youngest riders, there will be an obstacle course and grocery race competition.

Contestants must be registered by 5 p.m. and check-in at 6 p.m. and attend a mandatory safety meeting at 6:30 p.m. The cost is $5 per person per event.

About the contests

Pole bending: Riders will weave through poles arranged in a straight line without tipping one over and then race back to the finish line; winning is based on speed and accuracy, 5 seconds will be deducted from the finishing time for each pole knocked down and if a pole is missed the rider will be disqualified.

Barrel racing: Riders will navigate a pattern around three barrels to the finish line without tipping over a barrel. Winning will be based on speed and accuracy, with 5 seconds deducted from the finishing time for each barrel knocked over. Those breaking the pattern will be disqualified.

Hide race: Vehicles in this race must have a ball hitch or bumper handle. This event involves two participants, the ATV driver and a rider on a cowhide. The driver will race to the far end of the arena pulling their rider on the cowhide and make a wide turn around a barrel. The rider, in full protective gear, must remain on the hide for the entire ride. If they fall off, the team is disqualified.


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Chips will fly in the Sawdust Games events planned for the 2012 Mountain High Games. There will be events for women, men and children not only in the Sawdust Games, but in most of the contests.


Skill, endurance and speed will all be part of the Mountain Bike Races at the 2012 Mountain High Games. Participants will check in starting at 6 a.m., with the races starting at 9 a.m. Novice riders will start first, followed by the female division, with the advanced division leaving last. The course is roughly 5K over primitive terrain.

Obstacle course: Contestants will navigate through various obstacles in the fastest time.

Grocery race: This competition consists of one quad and a team of two riders who must race over an obstacle course from one end of the arena to the other, come to full stop and both riders dismount, then pick up an egg, watermelon and large water balloon, return to the quad and race back through the obstacle course to the other end. A second will be deducted from finishing times for each item broken.

Demolition Derby

The Trucks Only Demolition Derby is open to drivers 18 and older and even members of the pit crews must be at least 16.

Combining a portion of the entry fee money with an additional $2,000, drivers will win 50 percent of the pot for first; 30 percent for second; and 20 percent for third. There will be trophies awarded and other prizes for such things as top local driver, most aggressive driver in each heat, top female driver and even a beauty pageant for first-time derby trucks.

Registration is $60 per team, which includes the driver and two pitmen, there will be a $10 fee for each added pitman on a team.

The winner will be the last truck to initiate a hit on another truck that is still in the derby with an unbroken stick.

To learn more about the kinds of trucks allowed and other regulations, visit the Web site for the Payson Parks, Recreation and Tourism Department.


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