For Those Who Fancy Felines


I think it’s safe to say that kitten season is officially here.

Not only are kittens super adorable and cuddly, they are also very entertaining and fun. They are at the perfect age to integrate into your family if you have other pets and/or children.

Currently we only have two kittens available for adoption, but that number is sure to increase within the next few weeks.

The great thing about adopting a kitten, rather than getting one for free, is that your adopted kitten will be spayed/neutered, current on its shots, is FELV/FIV negative and micro-chipped. The thought of getting a free kitten can be alluring, but you won’t be able to get your free kitten fixed, chipped, wormed and vaccinated for under $200. Our adoption fee for kittens is $100 — now that’s a smokin’ deal. We hope that when you decide it’s time to add a furry little bundle of joy to your household, you’ll think adoption first.

Since we’re talking about kittens, I’d like to share some fun and interesting cat facts with you.

• One reason that kittens sleep so much is because a growth hormone is released only during sleep.

• The claws on the cat’s back paws aren’t as sharp as the claws on the front paws because the claws in the back don’t retract and, consequently, become worn.

• A female cat is called a queen or a molly.

• Cats are extremely sensitive to vibrations. Cats are said to detect earthquake tremors 10 or 15 minutes before humans can.

• In just seven years, a single pair of cats and their offspring could produce a staggering total of 420,000 kittens. (All the more reason to adopt, and to spay and neuter your pets.)

• Cats don’t have sweat glands over their bodies like humans do. Instead, they sweat only through their paws.

• A cat’s nose pad is ridged with a unique pattern, just like the fingerprint of a human.

• A cat has 230 bones in its body. A human has 206. A cat has no collarbone, so it can fit through any opening the size of its head.

• Cats have about 130,000 hairs per square inch.

• A cat lover is called an Ailurophilia (Greek for cat+lover).

• A cat’s jaw can’t move sideways, so a cat can’t chew large chunks of food.

• The little tufts of hair in a cat’s ear that help keep out dirt, direct sounds into the ear, and insulate the ears are called “ear furnishings.

• A cat’s hearing is better than a dog’s. And a cat can hear high-frequency sounds up to two octaves higher than a human.

If you fancy felines, stop by the shelter at 812 S. McLane Road and meet some of the wonderful cats available for adoption. Hours are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. daily. For more information, call (928) 474-5590 or visit




Lizzie is a 6-year-old princess. Yes, a princess. She doesn’t want much; just some peace and quiet, a comfy spot to nap and of course some ear scratches, belly rubs and lots of petting. Lizzie gets along with other cats and is pretty much an easygoing, laid back girl. She likes dogs and is good with children as well.




Alex is such a sweet boy! He may be 14, but there isn’t much he can’t do. He absolutely adores people and will gladly get up from his nap to rub against your leg to let you know he wants some lovin’. Alex is an easygoing cat who gets along with everyone. He enjoys nap time in the window where he can sunbathe, or on your lap, whichever is available.




Cosmo is a goofball. He was shy when he first came to HSCAZ a few months ago, but now he has really opened up. He is a playful guy who loves to be the center of attention. He may do best as the only cat, or should live with a cat that gets along with everyone. Cosmo loves attention and affection and will meow at you to let you know that.




Cheetos is such a sweet boy. He knows when it’s time to let loose and play, and when to chill out and relax. He is an easygoing guy who makes friends with everyone he meets. He likes to play with cat toys like balls and feathers, and loves a nice, cozy place to curl up.






Daisy and Peach are the 2 kittens we currently have available for adoption. These girls have come a long way since they first came in. Their first week they were scared and hissing. Now they are the sweetest, most precious kittens. They love to jump and play! They are the best cuddle bugs and they love everyone! Who doesn’t love a kitten, right?!


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