Being Christian Ain’T No Fun



Hey, all you faithful Christians out there, don’t you know that according to Leon Chamberlain you are missing out on all the fun because of your high standards of morality. You’re missing out on all the sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS and syphilis, that you could get from having so much fun. You’re missing out on all the pain of all the divorces, and all the shacking up splits, and all the homosexual liaisons you could be having.

Don’t worry about the massive pain sustained by the children in these relationships because you can always have the fun of killing them before they are born.

You poor misguided Jesus freaks are missing out on the high homosexual suicide rate and the unreported medical problems running rampant in the homosexual communities because they are abusing their bodies in ways for which they are not designed. You’re missing out on all the lies and the cheating and stealing and the unethical business practices because you can’t trust anyone anymore.

You’re missing out on all the Hitlers and Stalins and Pol Pots and Mao Zedongs who we could follow if you’d only give up your silly faith. I could fill a novel with all the wonderfully evil things you could be doing if you’d just give up your stifling morality.

Never mind the statistics that say divorce is practically non-existent for good Christian couples. Never mind that polls have shown that faithfully married Christians have more and better sex than anyone else. Never mind the joy and peace Christians feel because they are not caught up in the frantic, grasping, desperate, covetous, mentally unstable atmosphere that permeates our culture now.

Yes, we enlightened ones really feel sorry for you Christians. You are just no fun at all.

Tim Branson


Ted Paulk 4 years, 7 months ago

Yeah Tim, Your subtlety is so smart. We know you want all those who question your beliefs to burn in hell...verry Christian of you All.


Tim Branson 4 years, 6 months ago

Gosh, you liberals must be really smart too, to be able to read my mind that I want all those who question my beliefs to burn in hell. Tell me, can you look in your crystal ball and tell me what I'm going to say or feel next? Just another name-calling liberal side-stepping the issues by trying to paint good Christians as hate-filled, intolerant, etc. A good Christian wants everyone to stay out of hell by telling them the truth. How sad there are some who don't want help. Maybe there's still hope. Paulk is still fighting his conscience. If he wasn't, he would care less. Let's hope his conscience finally wins.


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