Socialism Is A Transition Stage To Marxism



I wonder if Leon Chamberlain would approve of some government organization — say, the “Robin Hood Redistribution of Wealth Association” — hiring a phalanx of armed thugs to spread out across our nation and accost people at gunpoint, saying, “I’ll be examining your purse, thank you, and if it holds greater than a ‘just amount’ I will relieve you of a portion of it for the benefit of the less fortunate.” And “Oh, of course I’ll have to keep an additional portion for my trouble, since you didn’t rush to the bottomless pit and throw your purse in voluntarily.” And “Oh, if you object I’ll take everything you own and throw you in jail. And if you object violently — or even think about it — I’ll kill you.”

Apparently he does, for that is exactly the kind of government Mr. Chamberlain is advocating, and the organization of armed thugs is called the Internal Revenue Service.

That’s socialism, folks. Where self-appointed mavens of Marxism decide how much of your earned wages you get to keep and how much will be siphoned off for the benefit of the commissars and the profiteers and whoever they think can be bribed with free money to vote for them. A few years of that and voting is no longer necessary, because the commissars and the profiteers own the polls and they know who will be elected.

Marxists won’t tell you that socialism is nothing but a transition stage to Marxism, and they won’t tell you (if they are one of Lenin’s “useful idiots” then they don’t even know) that Marxism is not a “New World Order;” rather, it is nothing but a restoration of an Old World Order called Feudalism.

America was founded upon principles of liberty, the most fundamental of which is “Government Governs By The Consent of The Governed.” America is the only nation in the world founded upon that principle, and living by that principle has made us the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. But our nation is now being destroyed by subversive Marxists in the guise of Socialists.

Don’t fall for Marxism’s carnival hucksterism. They are trying to destroy principles of liberty all the way back to before the Magna Carta.

Donald L. Cline


Ted Paulk 4 years, 7 months ago

The Donald is right!! I seen the gun-totin' thugs hangin' aroun' his house. They was watchin' him 'cause they no he's a gonna espose 'em. I seen some others at Green Valley Park on Monday mornin they was all drest up like sojers, but i knowed they wasn cause they was all too old but they shot their guns in the air an scart a bunch of dawgs who started barkin. Don't let 'em scare ya Mr. Cline, you are are only hope against Karl Mark and John Lenin. Ted


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