Brouwer For School Board



Maybe you haven’t had a chance to meet our friend Lynnette Brouwer, candidate for school board. Let us tell you about her.

Lynnette has a whole host of abilities that the Payson school district sorely needs. She has excellent background and skills, bringing to the position a host of experience, as well as a master’s degree in public administration and Ph.D. in education. Lynnette has the remarkable ability to work with and understand a mountain of details, while remaining focused on the big picture.

She is a comprehensive thinker and excellent communicator, able to take complex issues and boil them down into key points. This facilitates understanding and action, which is why she has already been able to make a positive difference in Payson schools. She spearheaded bringing Missoula Children’s Theatre to town and pushed to reinstate a counselor in the middle school. Because of her suggestion, the district now informs the Roundup of its school board meeting agendas, so they can be printed in the paper in advance of the meeting.

While Dr. Brouwer is clear about her own values, she also honors diversity of opinion and is able to engage others in meaningful conversation.

In addition to being committed to improving Payson’s schools, she also displays passionate concern about the well-being of the community in general. While Lynnette can certainly be firm and outspoken, I also find her to be patient and warm.

Vote for Lynnette Brouwer for School Board. You won’t regret it!

Suzanne Bishop, Charlotte and

Keith Beilgard, MaryAnn Gardner, Karyl Blair, Shiranda Deerwoman


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