Run On, Not From The Facts



Kudos to the Payson Roundup for providing the fact check on Hallie Overman-Jackman’s campaign premise that Payson pays 80 percent of the county’s taxes while receiving only 17 percent of the county’s services. It’s unfortunate that fact checking is such a necessary and common service in political discourse, but it seems that exaggerating and distorting the truth has become the accepted language of politics at all levels.

While the figures that Ms. Overman-Jackman presents are false, she’s nonetheless been using them in an attempt to create a battleground in which north/south Gila County loyalties dominate over facts and logic. Which would make sense if she were actually running against a candidate from southern Gila

County or against one who consistently supports southern issues. But she’s running against Tommie Martin, one of the strongest voices advocating for the Rim Country that we have in office. Tommie has done an exceptional job for us despite the power majority in southern Gila County and she’s done it with honesty and integrity, without resorting to distorting the truth or attempting to create controversy where none exists. We urge you all to go to the polls and

re-elect Tommie Martin. Her record as District 1 county supervisor and her commitment to the Rim Country speaks for itself.

Mike and Janet Brandt


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