Shelby School Creeps Out Visitors To Haunted House

Nightmares are made of this

The Haunted House hosted by The Shelby School’s Black Plastic Productions had an “insane asylum” theme.

The Haunted House hosted by The Shelby School’s Black Plastic Productions had an “insane asylum” theme.


The Shelby School’s Black Plastic Productions presented its annual Haunted House on Friday, Oct. 26. The Shelby School is a charter school located in Tonto Village near Christopher Creek.

Opera arias played mysteriously as guests took a tour of an “insane asylum” populated by the 7th, 8th- and 9th-graders disguised as patients and doctors.

After passing through a frozen therapy room, complete with fog and black lights, visitors crept past a creepy “cell” with a deranged inhabitant and on into the mask therapy room where strobe lights flickered.


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One of the hanging masks was shockingly worn by a saw-wielding patient.

After a dark, suspenseful walk, a cage-shaking madman alarmed guests as they viewed the operating room.

Strange bottles and test tubes gurgled in the background as procedures took place — lobotomies, organ removals and so forth. Sometimes the patient overpowered the doctor and “operated” on her.

After traveling down more dark and eerie hallways, visitors sat down in the “group therapy” room, which turned into a version of the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

The Cheshire Cat, who had “shown up” earlier in the labyrinthine passageways, sat by the Hatter’s side. The two engaged the guests with conversation, while previously seen cast members slowly entered and joined the table.

When the “nurse” announced the end of visiting hours, the unnerved guests hastily made their exit, pursued by the plaintive “please” of the patients to help the escape.

The cast did an impressive job of building the set and inventing and enacting the show. The students had a great time banding together to make this a successful, thrilling and fun-filled event.

Be sure you come next year to The Shelby School’s Black Plastic Production!


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