Time To Replace President Obama



Four years ago a country that was hurting responded by hiring Barack Obama to the most powerful position in the world despite an extremely thin resumé. Even many who had serious reservations about his credentials and his associates cheered at his promise to be a post racial president and the final shattering of the racial ceiling, but his strong racially motivated actions have destroyed that hope.

The euphoria associated with his election allowed him, right out of the gate, to pass a huge, but questionable stimulus package with the promise that it would be transparent and aimed mainly at speeding up infrastructure needs, only to find out that a large percent was used for political purposes and projects not really needed.

Then while the country waited for him to fulfill his promise to cure our economic woes, he shifted all his efforts to passing Obamacare totally ignoring the need for jobs and did so while ignoring his promise to work across the aisle.

Early in his presidency it became clear that to believe his words was folly and that following his actions was a better course. It is normal and healthy for a populace to have political disagreement and, in fact, that is a strength our forefathers built in to our remarkable Constitution. The presidency carries with it great weight and one of those loads is honesty, we may not agree but tell us the truth ... on this he has failed many times. Some of these we have come to accept from our politicians of all parties and at all levels of government and while political lies disgust me I have enough years in politics to look around most.

However, the latest set of utterings coming out the White House regarding the tragedy in Libya is beyond the pale.

It now appears that four of our brave citizens were allowed to die for questionable reasons when they could have been saved and the Obama administration has chosen to mislead the public about it, for this, people should be fired.

The main task of the commander in chief is to keep the citizens safe. While, weak credentials and incompetence can excuse some actions, to deliberately mislead of the public and fail on this main task without explanation is a basis for removal.

Bob Edwards


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