Voter, Did You Consent?



As the reader prepares to vote they would be wise to consider the following:

• Did you consent to Obama Care where the government will make life and death health care decisions for you and insurance now costs $2,500 more in annual premiums, and where you will be fined $2,900 if you don’t have insurance?

• Did you consent to having the government place a 40 percent tax on your health insurance if you desire a high end “Cadillac” health insurance plan, forcing you to have less coverage?

• Did you consent to Obama’s impending largest tax increase in American history coming in 2013 that will hurt nearly everyone?

• Did you consent to Obama’s policies which have reduced the average medium income by $4,300?

• Did you consent to a government that chooses to provide grant monies to companies based on their support of President Obama?

• Did you consent to spending trillions of dollars for programs that didn’t work, such as several solar power companies that went bankrupt?

• Did you consent to the killing of the Keystone pipeline, costing thousands of jobs, or EPA regulations that increase our dependence on foreign oil, and drive up the price of energy?

• Did you consent to gas prices rising from $1.89 a gallon to $3.80 since Obama was elected?

• Did you consent to Obama’s policies which have buried our businesses in red tape, obscure regulations (i.e. EPA) that have the force of law, and drive up costs (up to 20 percent on future electric bills)?

• Did you consent to a president who believes you “really didn’t build that,” when you put your name, reputation, money and life’s work into your own business?

• Did you consent to Obama’s policy which intends to reduce our Navy to 1916 levels and the Army to pre-WWII levels?

• Did you consent to Obama’s policies which are reluctant to acknowledge that terrorism exists and refuses to use the term “terrorism” and adopted the term “man-caused disaster” to describe a terrorist attack?

• Did you consent to having a president repeatedly lie to you about the circumstances surrounding the assassination of our ambassador in Libya by terrorists?

• Did you consent to Obama’s rapid expansion of government jobs while the rest of us are suffering from unemployment?

If you did not consent to the above policies of President Obama, do not vote for him!

Gary P. Morris


don evans 4 years, 2 months ago

But, but, I got my Obama free phone and I don't have to worry about my car payment anymore. And all the free Government cheese I want. Life is good now!


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