An Apology, An Explanation And More Figures

Pete Aleshire

Pete Aleshire



I don’t think Hallie likes me any more, although I was pleased she thought I had some journalist stature to squander. Still, it grieves me that someone as smart, hard-working and community minded as Hallie Overman-Jackman thinks I ought to be ashamed of myself due to the column I wrote about her assertion that 82 percent of county revenue comes from District 1, which receives back only 17 percent of county spending/service.

So, first off, I gotta offer an apology. I did call to get a comment and left a message. I thought she hadn’t called back, which is mostly why I wrote the piece as a column instead of a news story.

Turns out, she did call back. So did her campaign manager. The message disappeared into the black hole of my message machine, only to be uncovered Monday. My bad there.

Now, on to the 80 percent in taxes versus 17 percent in services issue.

Ms. Overman-Jackman said she got those numbers right from County Manager Don McDaniel. Deputy County Manager John Nelson offered the different numbers I used in the column, but I couldn’t reach McDaniel until yesterday.

McDaniel says he did on Sept. 6 tell Overman-Jackman and her campaign manager that more than 80 percent of the assessed value in Gila County lies north of the Salt River. Turns out, that was a mistake. Someone scribbled that percentage on a copy of his budget printout, but the calculation left out the assessed value of property in the Globe School District.

In fact, about 71 percent of the county’s assessed value lies north of the Salt, said McDaniel Monday.

Now, Overman-Jackman’s ads say Supervisorial District 1 provides 80 percent of the county revenue.

Please note, McDaniel’s figure includes all of North County. District 1 covers much of North County, but not the Tonto Basin, Star Valley or Chaparral Pines. But hey: easy enough to mistake District 1 for all of North County.

That leaves the claim that North County (District 1?) receives just 17 percent of county services.

McDaniel says he never told Overman-Jackman anything like that.

McDaniel says the county has never done a


Gary Lamken 4 years, 2 months ago

Uh, this story seems to have stopped in mid sentence.


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