Election Day: It’S Up To You




Pretty please.

Don’t forget to vote.

Perhaps you’re so sick of the presidential mudslinging that you’re tempted to throw up your hands and stage your own little passive-aggressive protest.

That’s fine. Don’t vote the top of the ticket.

Skip down to the important stuff — like who’s going to represent Rim Country in the state Legislature, whether we ought to shake up the Northern Gila County Sanitary District, who you trust to guide Payson schools through the earth-shaking changes ahead, who you trust to take over the sheriff’s office and whether you want to change out the Gila County District 1 supervisor and the county recorder, assessor and treasurer.

While you’re at it, the governing boards for the Hellsgate Fire District, Pine School Board and a host of other offices are up for grabs.

The candidates have done their part, waging vigorous campaigns — mostly focused on issues critical to the future of Rim Country. We tried to do our part, with as much coverage of the races as we could shoehorn into the paper — with lots of commentary on our letters page.

If you’re still a bit fuzzy on some of the local candidates, you can come by and get a copy of our election tab — or access an electronic version online.

These United States of America remain one of the great experiments in progress when it comes to human liberty and social progress. Our forefathers paid a dear price in toil and blood, to pass those liberties on down to us.

Now comes our turn at the wheel.

And this is how the wheel turns — one election at a time, one ballot at a time, one difficult, carefully weighed choice after another.

So make no excuses now — it’s your turn to show up.


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