Election Winners, Remember Your Pledge Of Cooperation



I write this as an open letter to the newly elected, the re-elected, and the previously elected on whose shoulders the fate of our nation now depends.

Only time, of which there is little left to us, will tell if our choices in this past election were the right ones.

Will our status around the world improve or will Americans throughout the globe be in constant danger?

Will people get back to work or will we wind up with the bread lines of the 1930s?

Will a viable solution to illegal immigration be found or will we continue with the violence of human and drug trafficking?

So many questions that our elected must deal with.

The answers will not be found in a deadlocked Congress.

I am amazed how members of both parties have pledged to “reach across the aisle” and yet we have just endured one of the nastiest campaigns in our country’s history where they did everything but attack each other with tactical nuclear weapons.

Compromise is not a bad word, especially if things start getting accomplished for all of us because of it. Now that you (the elected) are part of our government, from small towns all the way to Washington, D.C., you need to think of yourselves as not just Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, etc., but rather as who you really are ... Americans, with a vital job to do.

You are supposedly one of us (OF THE PEOPLE). You got into your elected office from our voting for you (BY THE PEOPLE). We as a country are hurting in many ways and it is now your duty to make things better for all of us (FOR THE PEOPLE).

Your failure to get things on track again will clearly show not so much that you are at fault, but that our structure of government itself is the blame.

Thomas Jefferson’s suggestion of a revolution every generation did not mean a violent overthrow. As we have progressed through our history many things have changed and we’ve tuned-up our Engine of State along the way. But we can no longer afford to tolerate a do-nothing Congress and White House, and we need to keep the option of reconvening the Continental Congress at hand, an overhaul to right whatever’s wrong. Updated to our times, not those of more than 200 years past. Perhaps it is our only “check” in the checks and balances system we’re supposed to have, as we have no more voice again until the next election.

But let’s hope our elected will do the job they’ve been hired by us to do, and The United States of America will remain the best country on Earth for hundreds of years yet to come, and not instead to become an obscure footnote in history of a short-lived, albeit well-intentioned, country.

Happy Veterans Day.

Hoop Bramoff


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