Martin Wins District 1 Supervisor Race

Tommie Cline Martin, seated, and Colton White check the Gila County website for local results.

Photo by Andy Towle. |

Tommie Cline Martin, seated, and Colton White check the Gila County website for local results.



Hallie Overman-Jackman and Tommie Cline Martin

As the early ballot results trickled in Tuesday night, Gila County Supervisor Tommie Martin waited anxiously in her office off Highway 260 in Payson.

“We have got our toes, fingers, ankles and knees crossed,” she said.

As the first numbers appeared on the county’s election site, Martin let out a huge grin – she was leading with 73.5 percent of the votes over Hallie Overman-Jackman.

That lead held throughout the night, with Martin easily retaining her position on the board.

The race for District 1 Gila County supervisor pitted Martin, (R) who spent years establishing partnerships on behalf of the district’s constituents, against Jackman, (I) someone who believed it was time for a change that would make the office more responsive to citizen concerns and a better steward of Northern Gila County’s share of the fiscal pie.

Martin said she felt the top five issues facing the district are: poor economy and the significant loss of real wealth from the depressed housing market; long term, major unemployment; natural disasters; public safety; and a fiscally irresponsible State Legislature.

Overman-Jackman said the five most important issues are: county transparency; county fiscal responsibility; better revenue disbursement for services and funds for Northern Gila County; National Forest Service issues related to being a better and more responsible partner; and professional oversight on county building construction (to avoid) the waste of funds on an unusable women’s jail.


Pat Randall 4 years, 2 months ago

I am proud of the voters that voted for Tommie.
She was raised here and knows what is going on with the Forest Service, the county and the town. She has also worked in other places and knows what she is doing. In my opinion Mrs. Jackman doesn't have a clue about all the things Tommie has done to help the county, protect the forest from fires and other things she is working on.


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