Obama Deserves Another Four Years



Let us not forget that when Barack Obama became president the world economy was in a free fall as horrendous as the one that started the Great Depression. He led the leaders of the world in saving the major financial institutions and by introducing strong economic stimulus measures to shore up the public and private sectors of each of the industrialized countries. He continued in the United States by saving the American automobile industry and many thousands of related jobs.

Contrast this with President Herbert Hoover who did as Governor Romney has proposed ... to simply let the processes of bankruptcy work through the system. As a result, President Roosevelt inherited a country already in depression and heading to over 30 percent unemployment. It took massive continuing economic stimulus measures, work programs, and World War II to restore that economy. If it were not for Tea Party obstructionism in Congress we would be much better off today.

President Obama deserves another four years like Roosevelt, and hopefully with a more cooperative Congress, to avoid the “fiscal cliff” and complete the job of recovery.

Robert and Deanna Hershberger


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