A Seat For Every Saddle!

When it comes to home sales, beauty is in the eye of the buyer.

When it comes to home sales, beauty is in the eye of the buyer.


As you can imagine, as a real estate agent, I see all kinds of homes.

Clean ones, dirty ones, cluttered ones, perfect ones and functionally obsolete ones. You name it and I or one of my colleagues has seen it.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine how we are going to market a home that is way outside the norm, but as my one agent says, “There is a seat for every saddle!”

We always try to remember that it is the buyer’s taste we must find a home for, not ours.

Here are some interesting situations that have been encountered:

The Pink House — Coldwell Banker once had a home for sale that was pretty in pink. Everything was pink. The walls, the ceiling, the carpet, the bedspreads and the counter tops were all pink-pink-pink. The market for this kind of home was limited, but an agent was about to show the home and held back some derogatory words that the home had a lot of pink. The clients walked in and the first words out of the lady’s mouth were, “Oh honey, look, this is just like the home we had back east.” SOLD.

The Traffic House — A new home was for sale in the Valley and it sat on a busy and noisy traffic corner abutting Shea Boulevard. How in the world could this home be sold? It had been shown a number of times with a less than enthusiastic response from potential buyers. However, one day a couple from New York City looked at it, got very excited and bought it. The reason: It was near the bus stop and in New York City you want to be near the bus stop. SOLD.

The Power Line Homes — A new home builder had some homes that backed up to high tension power lines and was having difficulty selling these. It suddenly occurred to him that he had an asset instead of a liability because the power lines created an open space of roughly 300 feet. He put a premium on these lots and extolled the values of the open space while disclosing the inherent risk of power lines. They sold out quickly as premium lots. SOLD.

The Fixer Upper — There was a home in Payson that was a “handyman’s special.” It should have been called a tear down special. Everything wrong with the home was fully disclosed and it would have scared off anyone with an ounce of sense. A retired couple saw it and it was just what they were looking for. The wife explained: “He retired not too long ago and is going crazy. This will give him something to do.” SOLD.

Some homes may take a little longer to sell, but as my agent says, “There is a seat for every saddle!”

Ray Pugel is a designated broker for Coldwell Banker Bishop Realty. Contact him at (928) 474-2216.


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