You’Ve Done Us Proud


You’ve done us proud, kids.

Alas, you’re probably feeling a bit beat up at the moment, given the piling on of heartbreak this weekend in big playoff games you worked all season to contest.

No doubt about it: Losing sucks.

And we lost some tough ones this weekend — whether it’s soccer, volleyball, football — even the marching band.

Don’t sweat it — kids. You’re champions so far as we’re concerned.

Years from now, you’ll remember making the playoffs. You’ll remember the hard work, the companionship and how you achieved things you never expected you could do.

We sure will.

If it’s any comfort — we know how hard you work, how much you sacrificed, how hard you tried. You did great things, whether it was the way the soccer team went toe-to-toe with some of the best teams in the country, the way the football team kept coming back, the joyous teamwork of the girls volleyball team or the audacious musicality and choreography of the marching band.

Every week, you offered us the great joy of watching a bunch of young people willing to lay it all on the line, work their hearts out and risk the heartache.

You’ve done us proud, kids.

We’ll try to live up to your marvelous example.


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