Immaculate Blood


When it comes to giving blood, those closest to me know that I am the biggest wuss ever!

You would never see me standing in a line volunteering to donate at a blood drive.

Call me a greedy blood hog, but I’d like to keep my own blood, thank you very much.

You see, needles are not my friends, they are my serious enemy.

Even when I have to give blood, I warn the phlebotomists, “If this hurts, they will hear me in China, because I have no shame when it comes to pain.”

This usually brings a smile to their face and lighthearted laughter as they put on their gloves, loudly snapping the rubber against their wrist, and then begin to gather the vials as the glass clings together.

“I am dead serious!” I quietly shout from inside my head, turning to the opposite direction trying hard to focus on the nature calendar on the far wall. “Why does no one believe me when I say this?” I muse and wait for the poke. Lucky for them they trained that yucky needle to behave and be nice to me.

So, while I have my love-hate relationship with very thin inanimate objects, my handsome hubby has a different point of view. He is more of an optimist, seeing the good, in all things… even needles. Not only will he donate his blood, he actually thinks it is a good trade-off. Give blood and receive as many free cookies and glasses of orange juice as one can eat and drink.

Ummmm, hmmm — I can buy those items at the grocery store and will happily pay for them.

Regardless if you like to share your blood with others or keep your own blood for yourself, the fact of the matter is we all need our own blood to live. If not, we would die.

After all, who has heard of or ever seen a human without blood flow?

So, we all can agree on these two facts:

1) Blood is directly related to life

2) A lack of blood is directly related to death

These two points are pretty substantial when it comes to studying the Bible, and even more valuable when one looks at the holy, faithful covenant promise that God had with His creation and His passion for reconciling them back to Him.

The word covenant is defined as a formal, solemn and binding agreement between two parties.

When Adam and Eve sinned against God (Genesis 3:6), in His complete sovereign grace and mercy, God made a fervent quest to pursue and not only heal but seal this breach of promise that humans broke with Him. Immediately after (Genesis 3:15) God clearly declares His fruition of promise through the One that is to come. God solidifies this with Abram, walking through the torn bloody pieces of animal flesh in a figure eight. But most importantly, God swore and sealed this act by joining with Himself, joining with the Trinity in this covenant promise (Genesis 15). He swore by Himself. Throughout the Old Testament we see God reiterating His promise with His people… through the sacrifice of animals and the shedding of blood.

Why is the blood so important? It was necessary in redeeming a fallen world back with God. Blood had to be shed for the remission of sins.

“For this is my blood of the New Testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.” Matthew 26:28. (Also read Mark 1:4, Luke 3:3, Luke 24:47, Acts 2:38, Acts 10:43, Romans 3:25, Luke 1:77.)

Once Christ came, instead of an annual event of sacrificing animals, through Christ, this docile Lamb, shed His blood on the cross once and for all. The New Testament ushered in the Messiah the fulfillment of the covenant spoken of in the Old Testament and ending the need of the sacrifice of animals. This all pointed to the coming Messiah, Jesus, the One what each prophet foretold and each of the 66 books of the canon of scripture underscores.

So you see… Christ willingly gave his blood, crucified on the cross, a willing sacrifice.

His blood is directly related to our eternal life to all those who believe and follow Him.

And the lack of receiving His blood is directly related to eternal death.

Which one will you choose?

So when your turn comes to declare your list of what you are thankful for, this year… as you sit around the Thanksgiving table with family and friends, will you openly recognize the blood of Christ and truly be thankful for all the blood He shed on the cross for you and for me?

Join me in thanking the One who made it possible for us to respond to His reconciliation call, trading His shed blood for the eternal life of all mankind.

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